Well hello WordPress. Migrating from Bluehost to AWS. Trying out with personal domain first before migrating Perkemas website. This way i could afford to support the Perkemas Website for free from my own pocket 🙂   On another note, thinking of rebranding my own website. Stay tuned yeah. 3ahref sounds like a cool blend to […]


namesake ˈneɪmseɪk/ noun noun: namesake; plural noun: namesakes a person or thing that has the same name as another. “Hugh Capet paved the way for his son and namesake to be crowned king of France”   It is natural for someone to share the same first name. However, to meet someone in person with the […]


A one whole year hiatus for this site. Changes will made soon InsyaAllah. It’s time to rise and shine my friend. A better future awaits you !  Till the next post.  May peace be upon you ??

Top 10 Leadership Lessons By Lori Lee

Hearts & Minds – Great leaders reach people hearts and minds with their vision & leadership Be a fixer not a finger pointer – “That is not my responsibility” Instead “Own it, I got it, I’ll figure it out, and I’ll work it” Not blame storming but brain storming. Dictatorial or Engaging. Don’t Blink – […]

Intellects re-union + Ambeng

Over the weekend, i was invited by Monsieur Aufa for a short get together at Goh’s Crib. Food provided by Zada Catering. Food wise and let’s be honest here. It’s cool that a nasi ambeng in a dulang for a take away service exists. I find it cool. Unique. Quality wise i would say YGWYPF. Nothing […]

New Year Update

Recently i was reminded by someone of this website that i’ve long yet to update. It occurred to me that it’s about time for me to do a self-reflection and to progress forward. With life in general and this website and stuffs in specific. Tons of things happened sinced my last update which was on […]

The Birthday Update

Alhamdulillah. Bless be to Allah for the gifts of love life iman islam. It’s been awhile since i update this self-hosted blog of mine due to work-school-exams and personal life. Alot has happened since then and i’l just let the pictures do the talking. Oh. Its awal Muharram tomorrow, a new year for Muslims. So […]